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More information on Sotto Voce Film+Works and David Lawrence

pic Since Google Audio launched in April, and we were selected as a launch partner, we've had an overwhelming response to our commercial scripting, voicing and production services. It helps to have won a number of industry awards, and to turn around projects as quickly as we do.

It also helps to be honest with our clients about what they get for their money. We may charge a bit more than others that you may have selected, but we use only the best Los Angeles, New York and worldwide talent, we produce your commercial spots in a state of the art digital studio in LA, and we will spend as much or as little time with you as you like. We also love talking about your goals and your media buy, so you'll probably get much more from us than just a 30 second spot.

Our current commercial demo is on the Google Audio site, but we have a number of other demos and actual Google Audio spots we've created, including the spot that we sent in as our "audition" to be one of the first production services listed in the Google Audio Ad Marketplace.

Don't know anything about Google Audio? Here's a cool slide show that explains it.

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Wallace goes to Cannes

Plays to over 5000 attendees in world's most prestigious film fest

pic Cannes. Where the world goes to see film, and where the French see them coming and add a zero to every price: rooms, train rides, flights, meals. It's where we all got to see the cast from Ocean's 13 cut up for the crowd, new films and old Hollywood, and where a little short directed by Bob Pondillo and starring David Lawrence got its world stage showcase in a once in a lifetime event.

We're kidding. We love the French.

It was very cool to get daily emails telling us how many people saw the film and what interest there was in licensing it worldwide. Why Wallace is a favorite of Russian and Czech film buyers remains a mystery.

We weren't there, but David's agents were

Keeping with our theme of building a pedigree for My Name Is Wallace without wasting resources, we decided not to attend. The $7000 or so it would have cost to just send one person will be better spent on the retail edition of the DVD, due out very soon, or on preparing for the feature length production of the film.

Besides, the folks from David's agency, UTA, were there to handle the veritable flood of interest.

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