Client case:

Google Audio ad highlights live support offered by

Sonic.Net logo offers DSL-based Internet access to their clients, reselling local phone lines and providing essentially the same services to customers as their competitors, AT&T, AOL, Earthlink, DSLExtreme and so on.

So what makes different and better than the rest? That's what Sotto Voce wanted to find out. So we talked with the client, and it was clear that they were rightfully proud of a very different metric than their competitors: the percentage of time they answer their calls live, and the very small amount of time their customers spend on hold.

Finding a funny way of telling that tale made very happy. Here's the spot we created for them:

  We're Live, Sir | | :30 radio

This is fantastic! I love it! (Dane Jaspers,

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Client case:

Evoking childhood memories key to success

In our initial conversation with, we asked the client, as we ask all our clients, to answer a question, "What's your metric for success?"'s answer was brand awareness and site visits, two very worthy goals for a radio campaign. We were immediately struck with how their visitors used their products: to make people proud. Proud of their accomplishments, membership, work, stature and more. And we were immediately reminded of the Wizard of Oz's solution for the Scarecrow's self esteem issues - his awarding of a diploma.

We took that simple childhood memory, and without stepping on any copyright issues, succinctly stated's case. Here's the spot we created for them:

  You Need A Certificate | | :30 radio

This is exactly what I was looking for, and the turnaround time was amazing. (Kevin Savetz,

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Google Loves SFVW Audition Spot

Sotto Voce joins Google Audio Ad Marketplace at launch

Google logo When Google bought dMarc, the company that created a distribution network for radio creative content, we knew big things were going to happen in the space.

To get into the Google Audio Ad Marketplace, a provider has to prove themselves to Google. How? By creating a thirty second spot for Google Checkout, their PayPal killer. So we did. We were accepted immediately.

And here's the spot we sent as our audition for them:

  Your Customers Hate You! | Google Checkout | :30 radio

The thrust of this spot is to arrest the listener's attention immediately, as well as qualifying the listener instantly. By addressing them in a very specific way, as a website owner, we qualify the listener, and strengthen their interest. Then, we insult them. In a good way, of course. We explain very clearly what's wrong, and once we've made sure they understand, we give them an instant solution to the problem of buying on the Internet. We give them a clear call to action, and where to make that call.

You are so launching with us. (Google)

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